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Types of Outdoor Blinds Ideal for Melbourne Homes

When you live in Melbourne, or in any part of Australia for that matter, you will notice that the sun during summer tends to get even more scorching. So, what your solution? You can keep the glare and the heat of the sun at bay with the help of the right outdoor blinds. The blinds Melbourne homes tend to use include the most popular styles and designs found in the country.

If you are in the market for outdoor blinds for your home, or even for your business, knowing which blinds Melbourne residences and businesses usually gravitate towards can help you choose. One of the most popular choices people make when it comes to this is alfresco blinds. Another popular choice is Zip Track blinds, or more correctly, Ziptrak blinds, which protects you against the rain, bugs, and heat, while still allowing breezes to flow through its mesh.

Aside from the Ziptrak and alfresco blinds Melbourne homes use for their shade and patio protection needs, there are few other types of blinds you can use for your home. These include the following:

  • Café blinds – These are clear blinds usually made out of PVC and can come with a tint to keep the glare of the sun at bay. The clear, see-through design allows for an unobstructed view of the outside while still keeping your porch or patio protected from rain and UV rays.
  • Roller blinds – This is another style of blinds Melbourne residents tend to choose for their homes. Roller blinds, much like Ziptrak blinds, are easy to use since these can be pulled down and rolled up when needed. These can come in a variety of materials that include PVC, fabrics, and mesh. These can be used both indoors and outdoors and can come in custom sizes and colours. Take a look at Crystal Image Blinds
  • Canvas blinds – One of the oldest materials used for outdoor blinds, which are also used for awnings and canopies, is the canvas. This is an economical and traditional choice for those who want to simply keep the sun from heating up their window panes and outdoor areas. Canvas blinds can come in many different colours and designs, with some homeowners actually choosing to have striped material for this to give their blinds a nostalgic, old-fashioned look and feel.

Aside from these outdoor blinds, you may also want to choose to automate your blinds to allow for easy use. With the click of a button, you can raise or lower your outdoor blinds according to your needs. You can also have your indoor blinds fitted with the same kind of mechanism so you won’t have to manually adjust your blinds when you need them up or down.

Also worth considering when you want to give your outdoor space extra shade and coverage from the sun as well as from the rain are awnings. You can have awnings that retract when they are not in use. You can easily mount them when you want additional shade for your outdoor spaces.

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