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Give Your Family the Best Holiday Ever with a Caloundra Vacation Rental

When planning for a family vacation, it is critical you prepare for everything, including where you will stay. For many travellers, the first option for a vacation stay is a hotel, but some families have discovered the numerous benefits of staying in a vacation rental with a sea view. The fact is, renting a holiday rental, such as Pumicestone Chase is just about cheaper than staying at a hotel.

With options like Monterey Lodge Caloundra Unit 10 available, you can enjoy not only the beach and seaside serenity but your own private space. Below are major reasons why such vacation rentals are better than staying at hotels.

The kitchen

Your holiday rental is actually a flat, and not just a square box with a bed, it comes with the same facilities you have in your home. One of the most appreciated rooms in a holiday rental is the kitchen, as you can prepare lunches and dinners for yourself, instead of eating out every time.

The kitchen helps you save money, especially if you have a large family to feed. Further, it is a critical feature when you are travelling with children since you know what they are eating in each meal. This also helps avoid common issues like unfamiliar ingredients that they may be allergic to.

No more schedules

Accommodation in Caloundra QLD vacation rentals means that you do not have to follow any strict schedules. For instance, you can have your breakfast any time you want to, allowing you to organize your daily activities better. Furthermore, when you decide to wake up and when you come back is all on you. No more worrying about been woken up by hotel service.

Enjoy your holiday as a group

When traveling as a family or group of friends, a hotel makes it nearly impossible for all of you to stay together in the same room. Instead, most of the time you will be staying in different rooms, sometimes on different floors, which can seriously limit your fun, intimacy, and freedom.

By renting a Pumicestone Chase flat, you are sure that you will stay together as a group under the same roof. You can eat and relax together in a living room, and enjoy some comfort and privacy in the bedroom – it is like being at home, but with a beautiful view of the sea!

Extra space

Another huge benefit of a Holiday Letting Caloundra apartment is that it offers you and your family extra room to lounge. You can truly enjoy your family downtime, and you will be much more comfortable in the living room rather than in a hotel lobby. Your children will also be able to spread out and play, in separate bedrooms, which is a real blessing.

Personalized customer service

On arrival at your Pumicestone Chase holiday home, you are welcomed by professional staff who give you the home’s keys and show you around the neighbourhood. In case of any problem, the property manager is only a call away. In addition, you also enjoy personalized concierge and cleaning services. For more information, visit their website at: