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What You Need to Know Before Renting A Bike in Austin

Taking advantage of the bike rental Austin has today is a fun and very exciting. In fact, it is one of the best ways to get around in this place.

But it is worth mentioning that it can be dangerous and hectic if you don’t what you are doing. So, if you don’t want to experience any stress, make sure to check out the post right here.

Things That You Need To Know Before Renting A Bicycle

  1. Bike routes

In Austin, there are lots of maps as well as routes for bicycling and there are several roads that have bike lanes. Make sure to acquire one before you sign up for bike rental Austin offers.

Aside from that, there is also a bicycle master plan you can access online. For additional info, you can visit this site

  1. Treat the bike like your own

Avoid paying additional fees for fixing a damaged rental bicycle by taking care of it like your own when using it.

Always stay off the sidewalk, ride in the same directions as traffic, yield to pedestrians, and obey the traffic lights.

By simply following these simple rules you avoid accidents that may damage the bike. What’s more, you will have a happy bike rental experience.

  1. Bike Parking

One of the best things about Austin is that there are a plethora of bicycle racks mounted for public use.

Bikes, without a doubt, are an excellent alternative to driving since you can zip around the town without thinking about the parking area.

In this city, all buses have bike hooks or racks and bike parking is accessible at most bus stops. With this in mind, if you’re tired from biking, simply park the bike you have rented or toss it on busses and continue your adventure later.

  1. Learn how to stay safe

Before taking advantage of the bike rental Austin cyclists highly recommend, make sure to familiarize the biking regulations and rules, and how to ride safely around the town.

Some of the most important and obvious things to note are as follow:

  • Ensure that the bike has the right lights.
  • Wear a helmet
  • Know the hand signals
  • Drive your bike the same way as traffic

Also, before taking the bike from the bike rental shop make sure to double-check it to ensure that everything is working properly.

  1. Biking with children

When it comes to bike rental, biking with children has never been easy because the vast majority of rental shops have only one size of bikes which is for adults. Though there are few shops that offer more sizes and models.

On the other hand, you can ask the rental shop if they have an attachable seat for kids. Doing so will avoid the need for renting another bike.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to rent a bike to ride with your children no worries because there are lots of beginner cycling tours in Austin.

There you have it the things that you need to know before renting. Aside from the bike alone there are also bike accessory rental shops in Austin. Some of the must-have accessories that you can rent in these shops are padded bike shorts, pumps, helmets, and among others.

If you prefer to buy your own bike accessories instead of rent, get them from Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in Austin.

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Experience the wonderful fishing trips on the beaches of Algarve, Albufeira and Vilamoura

Fishing and boating are exciting activities, and for many people, these are among the most preferred activities during their holiday tours. Normally, such people prefer to visit some of the renowned beaches, which have an enormous potential for water sports. Some of the most sought after fishing destinations of Europe are the beaches of Algarve, Albufeira and Vilamoura; popularly called as the three points of Golden Triangle of Portugal. The beaches are known for their wonderful weather, clear water and vast stretch of glittering white sand and stunning natural beauty. The beaches offer excellent opportunities for water sports like fishing, boating, deep-sea fishing and various other exciting activities. Thousands of tourists visit these beaches all through the year and naturally, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for boats. Therefore, it is ideal that you book a family fishing day in the Algarve so that you can enjoy water sports in the midst of stunning natural beauty of the beach.

Book a Family fishing day in the Algarve

Look for sports facilities available:

As a matter of fact, Algarve beach is popular for its interesting cliffs and rock formations, tunnels and caves. The other beaches namely, Albufeira and Vilamoura are also known for their stunning natural beauty and the cities adjoining these two beaches also have several places of interest for the tourists. These three beaches offer a variety of water sports facilities and therefore, before you book a family fishing day in the Algarve, you must carefully go through the various types of water sports facilities available there.

The other important features of family fishing trips in Vilamoura, Algarve and Albufeira are briefly explained here:

Type of water sports: As already said, these beaches offer several types of water sports facilities like, for example, shark fishing, family fishing, cave cruise, speed boat, Dolphin Safari and so on. In addition to these, the beaches offer several luxury Yachts, parasailing and various types of water sports. Many of the activities are ideally designed for the family and therefore, it would be advantageous if you Book a Family fishing day in the Algarve or in other places after you shortlist the type of fishing activity you want to indulge in.

Variety of boats: Tour operators suggest that if you are planning to go for fishing or on a cruise, it is essential that you book your boat for one of the family fishing trips in Albufeira. In fact, this is true even in the case of family fishing trips in the Algarve or Vilamoura. These beaches have boats with varying capacities with several exclusive features. There are economy as well as luxury boats. In fact, there are boats, which can accommodate upto 150 passengers. There are smaller boats too for a small family of four or five people.

Boats with all facilities: The boats have every facility to make your cruise comfortable. At the same time, the boats provide all the other utilities such as bait for the fish and all other equipment for every kind of fishing activity, including deep-sea fishing.


The boats are owned by private agencies, but they have obtained necessary approval from the government to operate the boat services. The agencies always give highest priority to the safety of the passengers.

For more information, visit at

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Learning how to play golf via online courses

As implausible as it seems, it is now possible to take golf lessons online and become an expert in golf. Most people think that learning how to play golf requires one to register an expensive membership fee at a golf club, not to mention the time and resources you will invest in getting a qualified trainer. However, it is now possible to learn golf straight from your backyard, and, what’s more, you do not have to pay expensive fees just to play your favorite sport.

Numerous online resources
Online golf courses provide you with plentiful resources to assist you in your journey of learning golf, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or simply want to hone your golfing skills. First, you have to get acquainted with the fundamentals of golf. These include:
• Mastering the Hammer Swing
• Maintaining a perfect grip
• Having the right posture and set up, and
• How to make good swings among many others

Once you master the basics of swinging, posture and grip, it is much simpler to excel in golf since playing becomes more of a natural reflex, rather than a task. Perfecting your basics is important and beneficial because it also helps to build confidence, thus eliminating the swing thoughts that can distract you when taking a shot.

Tutorials by an expert coach
Advantages of online golf lessons are:
1. You get to learn from the best.
2. Better still, you acquire these skills first-hand by observing tutorial videos by the coach, in addition to reading the instructions accompanying the video.

The coach is usually someone who has amassed much experience from his/her many years on the golf course, and has a way of explaining the lessons in an entertaining and informative way. For example, the coach will describe to you what is meant by the phrase ‘compressing the ball’, and how to do it perfectly. With enough determination and guidance, you can also become great on the golf course.

You are not alone!

In case you have doubts about taking golf lessons online, there is always a testimonial page on the website where you can read the experiences of other people who have transformed their golfing experience from taking golf lessons online. You will find that some were beginners who followed the instructions carefully to reach where they are presently. Others are veterans in the game but still claim that everyone can use a little advice from peers and other professionals every once in a while. This kind of support is essential in boosting your confidence as well as encouraging you. Also, there is a blog page where you can get the latest developments in golfing, ranging from tips to improve your grip to the latest news in the golfing industry.

So if you are thinking of taking golf lessons online, you know where to begin this exciting journey. Visit their website at your convenience and join thousands of golfers with a passion for improving their golfing skills. Have fun!


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Big Game Fishing in Algarve and Other Destinations in Portugal

Shark fishing in Algarve offers you the “ultimate” experience if you are an avid thrill-seeker. Add the fact that Algarve is the best destination in the world for Big Game fishing and you are guaranteed some exhilarating experiences. The rich fishing grounds here where you can engage in shark fishing Algarve adventures is made possible by the warm Mediterranean sea currents. Warm and cold water bodies meet here to create temperature breaks which attract millions of fishes. This is largely influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean providing cool waters for the fishes. Additionally, there is the Gulfstream and the continental shelf which further provide the best conditions for the breeding of fishes.

Due to these, Portugal has long had a great fishing tradition with the Portuguese coast attracting mainly large fishes. It has gained a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for Big Game Fishing and attracts thousands of fishing tourists and adventurers every year. Big game fishing is also known as deep sea fishing and takes place in various Portuguese shores including Vilamoura, Madeira and the Azores. It is not just fishing that goes on here. These Portuguese fishing locations are also blessed with some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. It is the perfect place in the world to add a little pulse to your life. A shark fishing Algarve or shark fishing in Albufeira holiday is an opportunity for take in the beautiful experience and the nice photographs that will keep your friends drooling and wishing they were there with you.

There are numerous types of sharks that you can find here including the Blue Shark and the Hammerhead shark amongst others. Apart from the sharks, you can also find other species of big fishes here including the Blue Marlin, the Swordfish, Bonitos, Tunas and many others. In total, there are over 200 different species of fishes found in the Algarve. The marlin is one of the biggest with adults weighing an impressive 450kg or 1000 pounds!

Shark fishing in The Azores

The Azores provides the perfect environment to catch those massive marlins. The months from July to October are the bets for fishing here. During these months, the Gulfstream brings the large marlins, those record-breakers. These are also the month to see a large number of the blue-fin tuna which come to feed here. Apart from the giants, there are plenty of other big game fishes which you can also catch here. These include the spear fish , swordfish and the mako sharks amongst others. If you are passionate about fishing and catching those massive fishes, you will go back home feeling really triumphant.

Shark fishing in Madeira

In Madeira, you can catch the blue and the white marlins from the months of May to October. There are plenty of other big fishes that you can catch here throughout the year.

If you are a bit modest or less experienced, you can practice shark fishing in Vilamoura. You can take sea fishing trips across Portuguese marinas in order to catch fish species such as the shoals, tuna and sharks amongst many others. Visit and embark on an exciting shark fishing Algarve expedition that offers you an ideal Big Game fishing experience.

Visit source: ALGARVEXCITE