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Breast Pumps and Insurance Reimbursements – Use the Facility Wisely

A breast pump is used to express the breast milk by a nursing mother. The milk so expressed can be used later to feed the baby when the mother is away. This is becoming more common nowadays. The question mothers have been asking is can they get a free breast pump? There are reasons for this kind of a doubt appearing in their minds. Good quality breast pumps don’t come cheap. Moreover, its real utility is only for a short duration. You never know if and when your next baby will be born. So why invest in a breast pump now? Is there an alternative to this? Let us know more.


Situations Where Breast Pumps Are Used

In practical terms, every mother would want to feed the baby directly. However, there are many situations where this is not feasible or not recommended either. The most common case is when the baby is born in a pre-matured state due to any reason. Then the baby might be too weak to suckle the breasts. Secondly – there could be issues related to certain complications that the mother has, due to which the direct breast feeding is not possible. In such cases, you should be able to get a free breast pump through insurance; but how?

Look out for Websites that Offer the Pumps

If you have decided to go for a free breast pump, you should explore the ways you can acquire a pump from sources, which offer within their range of products a breast pump covered by insurance. There are such sources available on the Internet. These agencies run elaborate websites, where you can browse through the list of insurance companies that offer the option of claiming the breast pump after you have ordered, received and used it. They will help you through the process of making the claim and ensuring you get the reimbursement.

Many insurance companies may even have a list of the breast pumps, which are eligible for admission under their policy. This is based on the functionality of the pumps and also the fact that the very concept of the use of the pump has to be only on medical grounds. The justification for the use of the pump has to be explained, and it should fall under the few categories where the use of a breast pump is required to ensure that the baby gets the regular and essential feed. The idea behind this is to prevent the misuse of the provision by the customers in making it a lifestyle product and take undue advantage. Then among the best breast pumps that are listed as approved, you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

You have to first go through the process of understanding the way the pumps work. There are at the broader level, two types, the electric breast pump and the manual breast pump. Again, you will need to understand the situations where the manual pump will do the job, and the cases where you will be better off with an electric pump. There are also many brands and manufacturers and there are fine differences among the models. For a happy mother having delivered a baby or about to deliver one, these tasks will only be pleasant ones, and if she also manages to get a free breast pump, she should be doubly happy. For more details, just visit