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Big Game Fishing in Algarve and Other Destinations in Portugal

Shark fishing in Algarve offers you the “ultimate” experience if you are an avid thrill-seeker. Add the fact that Algarve is the best destination in the world for Big Game fishing and you are guaranteed some exhilarating experiences. The rich fishing grounds here where you can engage in shark fishing Algarve adventures is made possible by the warm Mediterranean sea currents. Warm and cold water bodies meet here to create temperature breaks which attract millions of fishes. This is largely influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean providing cool waters for the fishes. Additionally, there is the Gulfstream and the continental shelf which further provide the best conditions for the breeding of fishes.

Due to these, Portugal has long had a great fishing tradition with the Portuguese coast attracting mainly large fishes. It has gained a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for Big Game Fishing and attracts thousands of fishing tourists and adventurers every year. Big game fishing is also known as deep sea fishing and takes place in various Portuguese shores including Vilamoura, Madeira and the Azores. It is not just fishing that goes on here. These Portuguese fishing locations are also blessed with some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. It is the perfect place in the world to add a little pulse to your life. A shark fishing Algarve or shark fishing in Albufeira holiday is an opportunity for take in the beautiful experience and the nice photographs that will keep your friends drooling and wishing they were there with you.

There are numerous types of sharks that you can find here including the Blue Shark and the Hammerhead shark amongst others. Apart from the sharks, you can also find other species of big fishes here including the Blue Marlin, the Swordfish, Bonitos, Tunas and many others. In total, there are over 200 different species of fishes found in the Algarve. The marlin is one of the biggest with adults weighing an impressive 450kg or 1000 pounds!

Shark fishing in The Azores

The Azores provides the perfect environment to catch those massive marlins. The months from July to October are the bets for fishing here. During these months, the Gulfstream brings the large marlins, those record-breakers. These are also the month to see a large number of the blue-fin tuna which come to feed here. Apart from the giants, there are plenty of other big game fishes which you can also catch here. These include the spear fish , swordfish and the mako sharks amongst others. If you are passionate about fishing and catching those massive fishes, you will go back home feeling really triumphant.

Shark fishing in Madeira

In Madeira, you can catch the blue and the white marlins from the months of May to October. There are plenty of other big fishes that you can catch here throughout the year.

If you are a bit modest or less experienced, you can practice shark fishing in Vilamoura. You can take sea fishing trips across Portuguese marinas in order to catch fish species such as the shoals, tuna and sharks amongst many others. Visit and embark on an exciting shark fishing Algarve expedition that offers you an ideal Big Game fishing experience.

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